Norwegian style pullover

This is Norwegian style sweater that deviates from the traditional Norwegian sweaters
in construction and details. It has V-neck, the sweater is fitted, has set in sleeves and it
features bottom up seamless constructions. The body of the sweater and sleeves are
worked from the bottom up to the armholes and then sleeves are joined with the body.
The armholes and sleeve caps are shaped simultaneously. Shoulders are joined with
three needle bind off. Traditional Norwegian two-color stranded knitting motives are used
for the all over design of the body and the intricate yoke of the sweater.
Charts, construction instructions, sizes for bust 32"-36"-40" (finished measurements 35"-39"-43")
and sizes 42"-46"-50" (finished measurements 45"-49-53").  Sizes 42"-46"-50" have bust darts.


Torrents of Spring

     Every year I wait for the spring, the beginning of life cycle in nature. And I love all these little
     streams of water running from under the snow and swollen rivers. It means there will be enough
     water to for trees and flowers to start to grow and bloom.
Torrents of Spring is a big U-shaped
     shawl that will sit comfortably
on your shoulders. It consists of three parts – back and two tails.
     First you knit the back part, then pick up stitches along the edges and knit the tails down.
     In this shawl I used nupps, Estonian lace technique.


Royal Oak

This scarf consist of a narrow garter stitch middle part and wide edging on each side. To make this scarf
bend and have wavy edges, short rows are included in
shaping. The scarf is small, but it is possible to make it wider if desired by including more stitches into a middle part, and it may be made as long or as short as desired. Edgings are offset by one row and turned so that their right sides are facing opposite each other; when the scarf is folded, you see two edgings, both right side up, one on the top of another offset by the width of the middle part.
Charted lace pattern, construction instructions.



 Turtle Creek

I designed this scarf to honor Cheli, red-eared slider, my Grand-pet. He started his life in Michigan, in a lab at the veterinary school.
Then one day the vet school students were told that there were
red-eared hatch-lings available for adoption. Cheli was tiny, about 1” long, dark emerald green with bright orange-red ‘ears’. He immediately won us over. Cheli moved with my daughter to California
after she graduated from the vet school, where he lives in his own 90-gallon tank he shares with a small school of guppies.
I miss him. He is now fully grown beautiful adult turtle.

I miss the scarf, too. My daughter tore it away from my hands the moment she saw it.

The scarf is made in sections positioned inside the border. The border and the sectioned middle part are knit all at once, without interruptions. Since for the middle part you will add the stitches on one side of the scarf and decrease stitches on the other side
every other row, the ends of the
scarf are not going to be square, but have a fluid wave.

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